Theresa Cass Galvin

As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran Theresa Cass Galvin works to protect the needs of our senior citizens and veterans.

Theresa Cass Galvin worked tirelessly on the Assessment Debacle that affected so many people living in Jackson County. It was important to her that every phone call and email was answered with accurate and complete information.

During the pandemic, Theresa Cass Galvin received hundreds of emails due to the mandate and its multiple amendments. She personally responded to emails and called those leaving her a phone number. She worked to help essential business owners in Jackson County save their businesses while maintaining a safe environment for their employees, customers, and in turn our community.

In Theresa Cass Galvin’s eight years as a Jackson County Legislator, she has served as the Chairman of the following committees: Anti-Crime, Budget, Public Works, and Intergovernmental. 

Theresa was entrusted by her colleagues to serve as Chairman of the Legislature in 2019 and again received their support in 2020. In 2016 and 2022 she was elected to serve as Vice Chairman of the Legislature.

Theresa represents the Legislature on the Steering Committee tasked with building a detention center that will ensure a safe environment for those working and detained in the Jackson County Detention Center. 

Transparency is extremely important to Theresa. It is her goal to keep citizens informed about the operations of county government. As a legislator, she does ask tough questions and expects answers. As Jackson County Executive she will make a difference in the lives of people who live in Jackson County.