We recommend Republican Theresa Galvin for Jackson County executive


The next Jackson County executive will face a long list of complicated, important issues: construction of a new jail, an aging downtown courthouse, and a flawed property appraisal system. Oh, and what to do about county-owned stadiums for the Royals and Chiefs. It’s easily the most important race for county executive in memory. We recommend Theresa Galvin, a Republican, for the post. This story is a subscriber exclusive TOP VIDEOS Continue watching Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas speaks about his views on Amendment 4 after the ad × Galvin is clearly qualified for the position. She has served on the Jackson County Legislature for eight years, including two years as its chairperson. She is now the chair of the budget committee, providing a deep understanding of the fiscal challenges in the county. She is running against Frank White Jr., the incumbent. He was appointed to the executive’s job in early 2016, when Mike Sanders resigned. He won a special election in 2016, and was reelected to a full four-year term in 2018. Get unlimited digital access Try 1 month for $1 CLAIM OFFER Most Jackson Countians know White as the longtime second baseman for the Kansas City Royals. White, a Democrat, demonstrated important leadership during the COVID-19 crisis. Despite criticism from businesses and residents — including, it must be said, Theresa Galvin — White moved quickly to limit the pandemic’s damage, through closures and mask requirements. It was good, important work. In virtually every other area of county government, on the other hand, White’s record is one of inattention and failure. He has not earned another term as county executive. What’s Your KCQ? Which Kansas City-centric question should we tackle? READ MORE The county’s reappraisal process is muddled. In 2019, property values soared, in part because of past undervaluation. Lawsuits followed, and property owners lodged numerous protests. Reappraisals were smoother in 2021, but some problems remained. White, as the county executive, is responsible for part of the mess. The next county executive must demonstrate a commitment to a fair, open, consistent appraisal process in 2023 and beyond. White’s stewardship of the county jail has also been suspect. In 2017, amid reports of overworked guards and inmate abuse, White blamed his predecessor — and shrugged. “It’s a jail,” he said at the time. “Things happen in a jail.” It remains an appalling statement. The county is building a new jail facility, far too late, at a cost of more than $250 million. And White’s administration remains at an impasse with sharing costs, and facilities, with Kansas City and other surrounding communities that need jail space. “I can work with all parties” on the jail, Galvin told us, claiming there is still time to add Kansas City and other cities to the design if needed. The next executive will also be front and center in talks about the Truman Sports Complex, and the Royals’ and Chiefs’ futures as Jackson County tenants. To date, White has promised cooperation with the teams but provided few details of what might come next. He declined to speak to The Star’s editorial board. Galvin is skeptical of significant taxpayer involvement in building new stadiums, or any move of the teams at all. That’s a compelling position, at least for now. Jackson County needs a tough negotiator as the talks continue. She also discussed expensive renovations at the county courthouse at 12th and Oak, and what to do with the old jail once the new one opens. There might be support, she said, for building an entirely new courthouse downtown. It’s an interesting idea that should be explored — but carefully. She opposed spending $9 million for a county administrative building, with $6 million in renovations to come. If elected, Galvin must work hard to ensure Jackson County is free of racial intolerance. Unfortunately, she seemed less than committed to inclusivity during our interview. We urge her to work harder on the issue in the months ahead. Frank White’s record over almost seven years is uneven and too often lackluster. Jackson County can and must do better, and Theresa Galvin is the choice.

Gregory Grounds, Blue Springs

I have had the privilege to know and work with Theresa Galvin since she was elected to the County Legislature in 2014. I strongly support her candidacy for County Executive.

I do not make this endorsement lightly, or without considerable thought. Theresa is an independent thinker, a leader, and not afraid to “swim upstream.” She does not just react to the problems of the moment but seeks to address the long-term resolution of issues instead of just putting a Band-Aid on a problem. I can recall times when I would bring a proposal to her while I was on the legislature and her first question would be “how will this affect us going forward?” She would then do her own research before committing or opposing an idea. Always, her goal was to serve the people she represented. She sometimes said “no” to an idea that I had, and I respect her for that.

Jackson County needs leadership it can trust to do the right thing for us all, to not cater to special interest groups, to make hard decisions when they are necessary, and to be “squeaky” clean. Theresa Galvin brings those qualities. I will vote for her in August, and again in November.

Fraternal Order of Police Missouri Regional Lodge #50
Endorses Theresa Cass Galvin for Jackson County Executive
The West Central Missouri Regional Lodge #50, Fraternal Order of Police is proud to announce
our endorsement of Theresa Cass Galvin for Jackson County Executive.
“As a County Legislator since 2014, Theresa Cass Galvin has ALWAYS been there for our law
enforcement members and for the citizens of Jackson County. Her support for the safety and
security of our community members cannot be understated. We know that as the Jackson
County Executive she will continue her excellent service to her constituents,” said Rick Inglima,

Fraternal Order of Police Missouri Regional Lodge #99

Theresa Cass Galvin has served the voters of Jackson County with distinction. It is the belief of the Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police that Theresa Cass Galvin is the most qualified person to serve Jackson County as the County Executive.
Jackson County has been underserved on the issue of a county detention facility. The lack of leadership on that issue has contributed to an out-of-control violent crime problem in Kansas City. Our community must have a facility to detain those charged with violent crimes instead of being forced to release accused violent offenders back into the community. Theresa has been a leader in those discussions.
The well-publicized failures on the property tax issue continues to threaten taxpayers during what has become increasingly difficult financial times. It is our belief that new leadership is needed to review and implement new strategies to assist those in our communities who are at risk of losing their homes or choosing which bills to pay.
For too long, the Jackson County Deputies have severely lagged behind the entire metro in pay and benefits. Theresa Cass Galvin has strongly supported those members and voted to increase their pay, however current leadership at the county has failed to implement the approved raises. Theresa has consistently voted to support law enforcement members and to help keep the county safe.
KCFOP, Lodge 99, proudly endorses Theresa Cass Galvin for Jackson County Executive and strongly urges a vote for change. On November 8th, 2022, we ask you to do the same. Vote for Theresa.

Levi Weaver, Mayor of Greenwood Mo

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Theresa Galvin from 2014 to current as she has served as
Jackson County, MO Legislator which covers Greenwood, Mo. when I was an Alderman and
Currently the Mayor of Greenwood Mo. I have watched Theresa Galvin perform her duties as
Legislator for the county with an extremely high level of dignity, respect, values, integrity, and
concern for all the residents within the Jackson County area. Theresa Galvin has always been
available to help with any issues I’ve had to address for the City of Greenwood as she has continued
to help and fight for all the other municipalities within the Jackson County area.
In closing, I Levi Weaver fully endorse Theresa Galvin for Jackson County Executive.

Mayor Mike McDonough, City of Raytown

I am honored to be endorsing Theresa Cass Galvin who is a candidate for Jackson County, Missouri Executive. I have known Legislator Galvin for over 7 years. She is currently our Jackson county legislative representative in District 6. She has always worked hard for the constituents in the district and for all Jackson county residents. She stays connected with the many city leaders and is active in listening to the citizens of this county. Because she has been a legislator for several years, she would bring a strong institutional knowledge of what is good and what needs corrected in Jackson county government. She is a great steward of the taxpayers’ dollars and has voted no on issues she believed the expenditures were not in the best interest of the taxpayers.

Collaborating with her on issues that have affected our area, I have seen that she has a heart for all the people of Jackson County and a passion for doing the right thing. She served twice as the Chairman of the Jackson county Legislature. I know she will continue to work hard for all of Jackson county and will represent all of us very well. She will be ready to move forward from the first day in the position with the experience she has acquired in her time as a legislator. I look forward to continuing working with her when she is elected Jackson County Executive.

I ask you to please support her and vote for her for Jackson county Executive in the primary election in August and the general election in November.

Stephanie Mayer – Haddadi, Cuddle Up Pup LLC

I am writing this to endorse Theresa Galvin for County Executive.
Ms. Galvin was instrumental in saving small businesses during the recent unprecedented Covid
Pandemic. In particular, she was a champion for the animal industry and knew for the health and safety
of pets, small pet businesses should be classified as essential and remain operational.
Her continued efforts and compassion specifically allowed our Lee’s Summit business to remain open to
provide grooming and boarding needs for our pets. Her actions also assured our employees the
opportunity for continued employment and a livelihood.
Ms. Galvin worked tirelessly with us and was never too busy to listen to our concerns. She accepted
calls both day and night and communicated with us on a regular basis regarding our industry matters.
She helped us navigate through the crisis and gladly championed our cause.
Ms. Galvin is an advocate for small businesses and without her common sense approach many
businesses, including ours, would have been lost to the pandemic. We are forever grateful Ms. Galvin
was an ally for small business owners and for the pet industry. As a result, we are supporting Ms. Gavin
for County Executive.

Bren Brown, President Frontier Justice

Today I write a letter of endorsement for Theresa Cass-Galvin who is running for County Executive. Theresa was a great support to Frontier Justice during 2020/21 as we navigated the ever-changing mask policies dictated by the county. It was her belief that if we created policies that kept our staff and clientele safe, we would know best on when to enforce masks or to not enforce mask use. Novel concept that we are free in America and every day when you chose to wear a mask, or not, you were choosing for yourself. Many of you were frustrated and did not understand the mask policies being passed down. We complied, by law, and we all came out on the other side of last year just fine.
But it did wake up a nation to how legislators can really affect our lives.
Theresa has a very common-sense approach to government, and she believes in mid-western values that we hold dear for our schools, for our communities and for us as individuals. Faith, family and freedom are what fuels Frontier Justice and Theresa is a candidate that is behind those same values. With 5 grandchildren, career history in the construction business, and experience in office, Theresa understands both our working lives and our personal lives. She is the best candidate for Jackson County, and she will serve well. It is my pleasure to endorse her for County Executive, as the nation goes to the polls and reclaims America one city at a time for traditional values.
It’s time to make a stand. Make your vote count. Vote, Theresa Cass-Galvin.

Robert “Bud” Hertzog, DVM, Lee’s Summit

I am proud to be endorsing Theresa Galvin who is a candidate for Jackson County Executive in Jackson County Missouri. Theresa is a proven leader in Jackson County. She has served on the Jackson County Legislature for the last eight years and has served as Chairman of the Legislature. Jackson County has many challenges ahead as it deals with the building of the new jail and refurbishing the Old Historic Courthouse in Kansas City. We need strong leadership in the County Executive position and cannot ill afford four more years of the current leadership. Theresa will know how to proceed from day one in the position. She is well informed for the position and will assemble capable qualified staff. She will spend your tax dollars wisely.

I have known every Jackson County Executive since we adopted the Charter form of government and I have every reason to believe Theresa can be a leaser for Jackson County. I urge you to support her in the primary election in August and the general election in November. I look forward to the great things ahead with Theresa as Jackson County Executive.

Teresa & Steve McBride

We are writing this letter of endorsement for Theresa Cass Galvin to encourage voters to cast their
ballot for her in the August 2nd Primary Election and the General Election in November for Jackson
County Executive.
Theresa was so helpful to us when we were dealing with a permit issue in our neighborhood. We
contacted her to see what we as taxpayers could do to oppose an application that would be detrimental
to our area if passed.
She helped us find instructions on the procedures available and guided us through the process. She was
very concerned about our situation and called several times to see if there was anything else she could
help us with. The permit was voted down and our neighborhood is forever grateful. She called us again
to check on how the meetings went and how things were handled to make sure we were satisfied with
the results.
Theresa was always available and never hesitated to listen to our concerns. We believe she has the
voters’ best interest at heart and will be a true advocate for the citizens of Jackson County, Missouri.
She was also an advocate for us when two Jackson County Legislators brought an ordinance (#5588) to a
vote regarding lockdowns and confinement camps during COVID. If you haven’t heard of this ordinance,
please look it up at: jacksonco.legistar.com ordinance # 5588. It was an Orwellian type of ordinance
that would have drastically threatened our rights, even threatening to take away your children and your
pets. Theresa was a stanch opponent of this ordinance and saved the citizens of this county from the

Roberta McArthur, Director, One Good Meal

I wanted you to know why I will be voting for you and encouraging others to do the same.
I remember the day I met while you were running for your first term as a legislature. I distinctly remember telling you , that you probably weren’t qualified. I so wish I could take those words back.

I’ve watched you care for you district. You have literally nurtured many businesses and nonprofits, like mine. Every time I faced something I felt was insurmountable you were there to encourage or push the best out of me. Thank You.

You are without a doubt the first politician I’ve ever met that looked at all sides before jumping on the band wagon. I have listened to you talk about how money in the county was spent and heard the arguments about waste. I have never seen you out glad-handing for yourself – but you campaign heartily for what you believe in, and you believe in Jackson County.

Thank you for encouraging me to test my wings and strive to do more for my clients.

Pamela Seymour, Executive Director, River of Refuge

As the Executive Director of River of Refuge, it is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Jackson County Legislator, Theresa Cass-Galvin. Theresa has spent years in public service helping Kansas City grow, prosper and become an inclusive city for all. As chair of the budget committee, Theresa has been very involved with the financial well-being of Jackson County and I believe she is the right candidate to hold the County Executive position moving forward. She works tirelessly for our county and its residents.

We appreciate Theresa and her continued desire to serve Jackson County.